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Airbud is the world's first out-of-the-box conversational AI assistant for websites. We reinvent customer engagement by instantly creating personalized conversational AI assistants based on existing website content, thus providing website visitors with a new way to search content and find information - by simply asking questions.


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Airbud is a plug and play conversational layer for websites. We make websites conversational. We take a text heavy website with thousands of webpages and automatically let consumers speak to it, ask it questions and perform voice commands. It allows all users (including people with disabilities) find and access the information they need in a fast, simple and natural way through a conversation (chat or voice). Our unique Natural Language Understanding technology makes it seamless to deploy a content-based AI assistant on any website, without any integration or playbook creation. We can deploy a conversational AI assistant on any website (English only...) in less than a week time! Try us ;)

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What's Next

Getting more deployments and interactions with users.


Israel Krush

MSc in computer science @ Cornell Tech. Rom was one of the first engineers @ Turbonomic, a cloud optimization company, which is now worth over $900M. He has vast knowledge in Cloud, ML and infrastructure. Uri Valevski, CTO, MSc in computer Science focusing on computational linguistics @ Tel Aviv University. Uri started his career at 8200 and spent the last decade researching Natural Language Processing and building voice assistants at academia and Google as part of the Google Search and Duplex teams.


Rom Cohen

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MBA @ Cornell Tech, BSc in computer science and statistics @ Tel Aviv University. Israel started his career at 8200 and has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and product management leadership positions in enterprises (Intel) and startups in the Israeli tech scene, including known startups in the retail space - SCREEMO and Zeekit.

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