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Awear Solutions

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Post-sale insights about items usage Awear helps brands and retailers to better understand the usage of their products in real-time. Awear's platform supports: (1) smart-loyalty platform: be rewarded simply for wearing the brand(s). (2) Automation of the QA process in outerwear. Our platform makes the testing process of outerwear effective, reliable and much faster than what is currently possible in the market.


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Currently, the connection between brand and consumer and product are lost after the point of sale. No one knows what really actually happens to the product once the consumer buys it. Awear's technology enables an ongoing connection between the consumer and brand. Through the use of a gamified app and unique content within the app, the brand is able to stay connected to the consumer and their product in real-time.Brands can mobilize their consumers through that connection to increase brand visibility and even create micro-communities which is a powerful tool in today's fashion landscape. As the consumer is using the app and their item, the brand gains an understanding of their consumer's lifestyle and how their product is being used. These learnings have tremendous impact on various aspects from product development to marketing for the brand and will ultimately leverage repeat sales.

Product, Technology & Innovation

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Recognized in Glossy's 50 List as a leader creating change in the fashion, luxury, beauty and tech space.

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Recanati 12, Tel Aviv, Israel




Awear Solutions

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CEO and Co-Founder

Liron Slonimsky

Oren was an officer in a computer unit at the Israeli Army, he brought his enormous knowledge in embedded software and encryption to Awear. His team's projects won the Israeli security award twice. Oren holds a Master's in Science from Tel Aviv University.

CTO and Co-founder

Oren Zomer

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Liron started her career as a scriptwriter, where she successfully raised money from two large funds to write a drama feature film that won Best Script at the Haifa Film Festival. After Liron "pivoted" her career to a global gaming company where she honed her skills in and developed deep industry knowledge of online marketing. Liron holds a BA in Cinema and a MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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