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Memomi Labs Ltd.

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Memomi is the creator of the Memory Mirror, an award-winning platform, a powerful tool that is designed to enhance relationships between customers and brands. Customers can record try-on sessions, add VR/AR elements, and add information of the products they tried during the session. Customers will get videos of their sessions and will be able to review them, share them, and use the product information to make a decision. The Memory Mirror� Platform allows multiple use cases in a single Mirror. Examples include fashion, makeup, eyewear, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more. Memory Mirrors have multiple functionalities by combining AI/VR/AR features as a background change, videoconferencing directly from the Mirror-to-Mobile in real-time, adding celebrities, adding filters, get recommendations, and more.


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Memomi Labs technology works on any TV/Screen and offers digitization of the mirror functionality. The Memory Mirror solves, among other issues, the lack of eye contact a customer is experiencing while standing in front of a regular passive mirror. User feels as if the camera is located behind the screen. The company has applied for 21 patents (11 granted).

Product, Technology & Innovation

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1st place among 40 startups competing @ iSetan Mistukoshi Challenge 2015 . 1st Prize in the "game changer" category, Fashion Future Awards, London 2015.

Awards & Recognitions:

Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Luxottica, LVMH, Finish Line, Tom Ford.

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1 Hamada Street, Rehovot, Israel




Memomi Labs Ltd.

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What's Next

Virtual hair color. AR digital Mirrors, Virtual Makeup.



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A recognized leader in experience-based design, Salvador has 15 years of international, executive-level management experience, specializing in rapid product development. He completed the ACSE Program at MIT Sloan School of Management, a MA in Design from Domus Academy, and BA in Business from the University of Manchester.

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