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Nixale empowers brand's retailer, brands and digital services websites by transforming the customer experience using unique AI-based digital experiences. Using sate-of the-art text analysis and product recommendations, we provide a new level search experience, automated customer service, automated marketing and more. We guide and accompany the customer by automatically and actively presenting personalized content and products, collecting needs and answering customer service questions, in a manner which increases sales, engagement , customer satisfaction, leads, decreases customer service costs and provides valuable and actionable feedback and insights about customers, especially in mobile. Contact us to get information on all of our products.


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Smart & learning AI-based search engine which understands the context and intent of users like humans understand to quickly extract the most relevant results from complex searches. Results are based on users behavior and sales, and include personal product recommendations with similar and complementary products, search phrases and categories suggestions, previous and trendy searches, spelling correction and full support in English and Hebrew. Improved over time by learning.(2) Customer Service � Fully automated to improve the service quality and to be available immediately, consistently and 24/7. Answer more than 90% of customer service issues automatically to save substantial costs, to provide self-service communication channel for the customer, and to better understand customer digital.

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Retail Tech Top 50 list of Millennial 20/20 Europe

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Voice, Image Search, AI-Based SEO. AI models which analyze texts (NLP), Personalization, Product Recommendations - Search Engines, Chatbots, Automate Customer Service and Marketing.

Idan Adut

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Over 10 years of tech and business experience as software engineer and product manager (Microsoft's product recommendation group and multiple start-ups). B.Sc. Computer Science, MBA at Wharton Business School, UPenn.

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