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ShelfX Inc

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Making unattended retail reality - ShelfX is a leading provider of automated merchandising and inventory management technology. The technology can be deployed in secured or open access fixtures to allow consumers to purchase any item in any quantity right at the shelf. No cashiers, no lines, no product scanning, no RFID stickers.


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ShelfX retrofit kits allow you to transform your standard refrigerator or fixture into a smart UAR. Cashless payments, live inventory management and complete security for your products by capturing the customers payment information before unlocking the door. This means putting your product [we mean literally] in the hands of your costumers. ShelfX smart fixture allow you to sell a virtually variety of products, including fresh, healthy, and gourmet options. With ShelfX, you can bring your products to traditionally underserved markets such as schools, offices, gyms, hospitals and more. ShelfX provides a revolutionary retailing platform to match your unique brand, creating unprecedented demand for your products.

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NAMA 1st place innovation Award.

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ShelfX Inc

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What's Next

Untill 2019 July, we will have a full serice that generates a complete store floor plan. Sales and Marketing, business model.

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