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Tracxpoint is building the new Retail AI-Pipeline that guarantee an individual shopping experience with cashier-less on-cart payment and a system which includes a unique combination of AI software, IoT- & proprietary sensor fusion


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AIC - Artificial Intelligence Cart. Tracxpoint provides a unique mix of expertise in the exciting new world of deep learning and the classical realm of computer vision mainly for food and non food retailers. The AIC cart transfers the on-line shopping behaviour by recognizing the customer personally, transferring their shopping list to the screen, automatically recognizing products, suggesting related products, offering �Best-Buy� electronic coupons, voice assistance, navigation and automatic check-out with an on-cart digital payment.

Product, Technology & Innovation

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MWC, VivaTech, GTC

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7M Series A


20 Hamesila Nesher Israel





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What's Next

Launch the AIC early 2019. Retail -AI-Algorithm Engine - built to recognize over 100K products with accuracy of 98%.

Co Founder and President

Prof. Moshe Meidar

A proactive, all-rounded professional, entrepreneurial experience, established results. Gidon invented the concept, technology and vision behind TRACXPOiNT. Has accumulated more than 15 years� experience in finance and advanced technologies with HP, EY and MAG. Gidon was an All American Athlete at the NCAA representing the University of California.

Co Founder and CEO

Gidon Moshkovitz

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A professional with over 40 years of operations experience with both public and private companies. His industry experience in manufacturing, processing, retail, and distribution. As an accomplished turnaround specialist and operations manager, Mr. Meidar has revitalized more than 50 companies

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