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Tukuoro Voice open Platform

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Tukuoro is delivering the Voice Layer, making every interface voice enabled. Tukuoro has validated its concept, use case and market fit with its first customers in France, Germany and Israel. Customers from various market segments are currently evaluating the solution or in discussions. Tukuoro is also part of the salesforce CRM eco system and available for customers through its market place. Tukuoro unique advantage: � Precise due to in context processing- due to the disruptive approach � voice input is processed within the unique context of each customer. � Data Privacy � processed data is not share with the vendor platform (e.g. cloud vendors such as Amazon, Google). Engine can reside on a dedicated cloud / on premise. � Ease of implementation � integrating Tukuoro Voice Layer requires couple of hours to few days, and has no prerequisites of NLP/Voice special skills in house. � Brand Strength, Empowering existing customer brand with white label voice interface. GDPR Compliant - as none of the information processed by Tukuoro Engine contains personal data.


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Tukuoro solution processes the voice input, within a dynamically created context to provide an accurate data & results. Using proprietary NLP and ML engine, Tukuoro solution is self-improving with every use of the user.

Product, Technology & Innovation

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Tnufa - Innovation Authority Grant; CTTCS - prize in a DOD and MOD competition; Red Herring Asia 2016 finalist, accepted by French vendors to their lab during Viva Tech (2016, 2017).

Awards & Recognitions:

Super-Pharm (Israel), Thales (France), Conrad Electronics (Germany), Nexecur (France).

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4 Shenkar St. Herzlya, Israel




Tukuoro Voice open Platform

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What's Next

Partnering with global vendors, establishing new customers in Israel, raising founds to support our growth.Important: Voice is the new form of User Interaction. Brands from different segments are exploring ways to implement it accurately. Contact Tukuoro for more information and best practices. Retail, Smart Home, Consumer based solutions.


Amir Tsrouya

20 years Experienced Development Manager and architect.


Nir Pinchas

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Seasoned Product, Services & Customer Success Management at: BriefCam; Nyotron;-Aladdin knowledge System.

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