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Thank you for joining the Retail Innovation Club Annual Event - 2023

We believe that this conference will empower you to discover upcoming trends in retail technology, connect with the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions originating from Israel, and position yourself at the industry's forefront to sustain your competitive advantage.

Day 2 | October 25th: Workshops and professional sessions
from 08:30 to 16:00 at Trigo Vision Office, Zisman Shalom St. 14, Ramat Gan

On the second day of the event, retailers and top-notch tech experts will have a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge and share insights regarding the latest trends and innovations predominant in the industry.
The workshops will specifically focus on retail-tech innovations and solutions, enabling participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, with a focus on grocery, fashion, sustainability, data, and innovation in retail.
The round table sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Supply chain visibility, transparency, and sustainability in fashion and grocery

  • New monitoring and management systems for warehousing logistics, inventory, and stock, from farm to shelf

  • Data platforms and generative AI tools for customer engagement and product data, AR layers and devices

  • Omni-channel marketing and retail media

  • Live streaming and new media tools and platforms

  • In-store innovation

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DAY 3 | October 26th: 1+1 Meetings

08:30 to 16:00 at Microsoft Reactor, TLV

On the third day, the Israeli Export Institution will host 1+1 meetings lounge with Israeli startups.

These meetings will be coordinated in advance based on participants' requests and confirmations.


DAY 3 | October 26th: Visits to Labs

Additionally, Participants will have the opportunity to tour retail-tech labs and visit local retail pilots and projects in stealth mode throughout TLV.

Transportation for the tour will be provided throughout the day.

We are confident that this conference will enable you to explore the next trends in retail technology, and meet the most advanced and innovative technologies currently baking in the "Israeli oven“.

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