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RIC 2023 Exhibitors

Mixed Place

AR, VR & Metaverse Technologies & Experiences
Upgrading your marketing, Trainings, Brand awareness, Sales, Product loyalty, Engagements & Innovation goals for 15 years.
Visit us to see the future of retail, mixed reality in your physical location, future of e-commerce and more.

Join our international clients : Adidas, American Eagle, NETFLIX, PIzza Hut, MIGROS, Delhaize, Billa, Amdocs, Elbit and many others

MIXED.PLACE AR/VR Technologies brings 15 years of expertise in XR creativity and technology to you, your clients, and the world. The company is led by Alon Melchner, the founder of MIXED.PLACE & WakingApp, a pioneering and visionary in the realm of augmented and virtual reality. with a focus on mixed reality and the Metaverse, MIXED.PLACE is driving the next big evolution in this exciting field.


Bites enables companies to dramatically improve their business results by helping them onboard, train, and upskill their frontline and deskless employees.

Through our advanced microlearning tool, professional TikTok-style video editor, AI enhancement, instant messaging sharing, and tracking and monitoring, we help companies like Unilever, Amazon, Decathlon, and hundreds of others reduce training costs and increase revenues.

Deep Learning Robotics - DLRob

DLRob developed a unique vision-based robotic controller that enables robots to automate tasks in a plug&play way, and to learn new tasks by simply observing human demonstration.

EYEDO fielding technologies LTD

The complete retail execution platform


Shupperz is a virtual mall mobile platform that connects online users with bricks and mortar retail. An average store is empty approx. 25% of the time! that's a huge waste of resources and money. Shupperz bridges the gap of online and offline and enables physical stores to generate revenue and optimize resources even when stores are empty.

Twik Technologies LTD

Twik is a fast-growing start-up, located in Tel-Aviv. Twik is the world's first autonomous system for 1:1 personalization and of product catalogs and in-depth analytics for eCommerce sites.
Our goal is to help e-commerce shops create an engaging and personalized shopping experience for their visitors in real-time and autonomously .
twik makes unique personalized experience for each user, one click to install, it's validated value across thousands of clients. As of today, twik improves conversion rates by 10% for thousands of Shopify stores

Shopper AI provides “brick-and-mortar” retailers with crucial customer data – such as conversion funnels, abandonment rate, cart abandonment, shopper journey etc., in real-time and continuous manner focuses on customer behavior – which leads/generates sales

Providing brand owners with such data and information allows them to make the required changes in order to optimize the sales funnel, maximize sales and increase brand equity

SpeedSize is the most advanced AI-powered alternative to conventional compression and delivery, a platform providing a top-quality media experience for online brands.

Corsight AI

Corsight AI is a leading developer of advanced facial recognition technology, pioneering the industry since its establishment in 2019. The company's unwavering commitment to speed, accuracy, and privacy has earned it a reputation as a global leader in the field. Corsight's facial recognition solutions are specifically designed to operate effectively under the most challenging conditions, providing maximum safety while protecting individual privacy. This impactful technology performance is supported by over 10 utility patents and 112 irrevocable licensed patents.


Intelligent supply chain management for fresh produce - using shelf-life prediction technology.
The system prioritizes distribution of produce batches by their expiration dates .(FEFO) rather than common FIFO


Oriient pioneers accurate, software-only indoor location services. Leveraging Earth’s magnetic field and proprietary deep learning technology, Oriient brings navigation and personalization to the brick-and-mortar customer experience at scale. The company’s patented technology integrates via SDK into a business’s mobile app, harnessing existing smartphone sensors to deliver hyper-accurate positioning (3 ft/1 m) with no hardware installation required. Global retailers, delivery services, and smart buildings rely on Oriient for indoor navigation and proximity marketing, reducing the cost of fulfillment, and enhancing the security and efficiency of physical spaces. Oriient is currently deployed across thousands of locations worldwide.


Vimmi offers retailers and brands an advanced eCommerce platform that uses the power of video to improve sales and customer engagement. Our eCommerce platform comes out of the box with live shopping and video testimonial solutions that improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.

Additionally, our platform offers the ability to cross-sell live shopping events with social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing our customers to reach a wider audience and increase their sales potential.

We have streamlined the onboarding process to ensure a seamless experience. This allows businesses to get up and running quickly, enabling them to focus on growing their online presence and driving sales.

What sets us apart? Vimmi's AI technology mines valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, offering tailored product suggestions that elevate shoppers' experience. We also offer capabilities for businesses to send targeted, personalized messages to shoppers, enhancing upselling opportunities and customer engagement.

If you need assistance with live sales, Vimmi can connect you with a network of professional live shopping sellers.

For more information, please contact us at:


Where 3D Commerce Clicks

Elevate your e-commerce experience with a 3D tech
stack that lets you create, manage, analyze, and
distribute your 3D assets built around your
organization’s needs.


Deliverider developed a hyper-local marketplace solution for online retailers, allowing them to connect the inventory of multiple local city stores directly to their online website, and deliver them together with their in-stock items in one consolidated last-mile delivery without having to hold them in stock


Rescana is an innovative, quick moving company, founded and managed by CSOs, offering a state of the art, practical cyber risk management platform.
Developed by experienced CSOs, Rescana's products are aimed at removing the security team bottlenecks and accelerating business processes that require risk assessment.


Chainlane’s supply chain intelligence platform helps companies see more and sell more. Our cloud-based solution allows for accurate inventory management, data-driven insights, and operational efficiency through greater visibility and control across the entire supply chain. We are easily deployed, highly customizable, and combine online and offline & in-store data to enhance and streamline workflows in different vertices such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, food & beverage, and more. With Chainlane, companies have proven to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer experience as well as allow for greater innovation and adaptation to changing market trends.


Developer of advanced presence detection solutions with person identification for retail, business and home applications.


Eyefeelit allows users to create and broadcast life-size 3D holograms of themselves or any object from everywhere to any destination in the world. This innovative technology is transforming the way people experience and interact with each other in the digital world.

weR Augmented reality cloud

weR is an award-winning augmented reality platform that creates a clickable world in which we are bringing the e-commerce data-driven shopper funnel into the retail environment with the same ease and convenience.


ReaLo is reshaping the retail experience by seamlessly digitizes any retail space, delivering advanced e-commerce technological and visualization capabilities to brick-and-mortar stores.
Combining cutting-edge technology with highly advanced screens and sensors, the ReaLo platform enables retailers to accompany their consumers with relevant data-driven dialogue from their first moment in store.


Wiliot is an ambient IoT data platform company that connects the digital and physical worlds using IoT Pixels, battery-free smart tags that push data to the cloud in real-time without human intervention.

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